About Us

Bosker Global is a private limited company holding a global export license to sell and ship Bespoke and custom-made wooden furniture, handicrafts, Antique replica and furniture. We also offer Kitchen and Household items as well as home décor products. Bosker Global exports Bespoke and specially crafted wooden furnishings, handicrafts, Antique replica furniture.



Antique Replica Wood Work

We create antique replica of wood work like wooden vases, mirrors, and furniture’s to give you the vintage feel and elegance in each and every corner of your home.

Home Wood Work

We do wooden furniture for the entire range needed to make a beautiful house. From beds to dressers, and dining tables to drawing room furniture, we do it all.

Indoor Furniture

Indoor furniture in wood gives a regal touch to your interiors. Get in touch to know how it can be transformed to get a majestic appeal.

Outdoor Furniture

Forget the myths on not having wooden furniture for an outdoor setting. It is all the more in sync with the natural environment you wish to create.

Behind the Scenes! Raw Pictures from the Factory

Unique Selling Proposition

At Bosker Global, we believe in delivering aesthetic, classy and durable wooden furniture. In the process, we provide safe and good work environment to our team of artisans. Here are some of our USPs.

We are available 24/7 for your requirements

  • Eco-friendly processes and products
  • Ensuring Workplace Safety
  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • No Child Labour
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