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Bosker Global is an exporter of wooden furniture from India. Be it carved furniture with antique designs or elegant contemporary wooden furniture we do it for our global customer base. A private limited organization holding a worldwide fare permit, Bosker Global sells and ships Bespoke and specially-crafted Wooden Furnishings, Home Décor Handicrafts,  and Antique Furniture across the world.

In India, we have a fully-equipped carpentry workshop where a talented lot of skilled craftsmen and artisans create masterpieces of art on wood. We create unique designs to suit our customers’ requirements for boutique furniture, intricately designed, artistically crafted, and especially made to order for them.

Our Custom-built, bespoke furniture adheres to the following international quality standards in wooden furniture:

  • Less than 12% moisture
  • Termite resistant
  • 25 years pro rata warranty

We take special care of the safety and well-being of our artisans. At the same time, we adhere to all government Norms and Regulations set for the Wooden Furniture Industry. Therefore, our Unique Selling Proposition is based on the following differentiating practices:

  • No Child Labour
  • Workplace Safety
  • Eco-friendly processes and products

We are an equal opportunity provider when it comes to employment. We make no exclusions based on Gender, Caste, or Creed. In fact, we take pride as an organization in being led by women at the forefront.

Although we serve many of our retail customers but we are particularly interested in forging long-term association and business relationships with enterprise customers such as Architectural and Interior Design Companies, Global Giants in Furniture Selling, and Chain Retail Outlets. We have the capacity to fulfill bulk furniture orders from across the world.

Company Information

Year of Establishment: 2018
Nature of business: Wooden Manufacturing and Exporting
Managing Director: Dr Shezi
Industry: Wooden Furniture,& Artefacts Manufacturing and Exporting
Address: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact number: Tel: +91-9794200786
Email: info@boskerglobal.com



Working with our global customers, we understand the importance of prompt communication. Therefore, we are available for a dialogue across the day and night.


At Bosker Global, we believe Transparency is the key towards building Trust, which paves the way for long-lasting business relationships.


Our artisans are trained and experienced as they acquired the skills of wood work from their older generations who mastered the craft and impressed the world with their impeccable work.


Good quality comes at a price but we also want our customers to lead a good life with a sense of elegance and aesthetics whether at work or while spending leisure time at home.

Boskerglobal crafts for people